The monastery is known locally in the Tibetan Settlement as Kagyu Gonpa. It is home to over 150 lamas, khenpos, tulkus, and monks.

Temple Construction: In order to accommodate all of the monks in residence, the monastery is constructing a new temple. Here are photos of the construction stages over the years.

Every day monks, nuns, lamas, and tulkus perform prayers for the benefit of all sentient beings, for those who are sick and dying, and for those who are experiencing obstacles in their lives.

Approximately 10 times per year, the monastery holds special Drupchens (Great Accomplishment ceremonies) or Pujas (prayer rituals). Sangha members worldwide are encouraged to participate by chanting prayers at home and by supporting the monastery activities financially. This includes sponsoring tea, meals and money offerings for the monks; tsok; butter lamps; and ritual substances, such as tormas.

Annual Puja Expenses: