Phowa Course In Nepal Mar 16th – 22nd, 2023

His Eminence Choje Ayang Rinpoche has been conducting Phowa courses all over the world for over four decades. Rinpoche had plans to teach Phowa in Nepal too when the Amitabha Temple was completed. Unfortunately, it could not happen as planned, due to the Nepal earthquake in 2015 that damaged the newly constructed Amitabha Temple in Kopan.
四十多年来,尊贵的安阳仁波切一直在世界各地教授破瓦法门。 当阿弥陀佛寺建成时,仁波切也计划在尼泊尔教授破瓦法。 不幸的是,由于 2015 年尼泊尔地震损坏了新建的 Kopan 阿弥陀佛寺,因此未能按计划进行。

When the renovation of the temple was complete, the Covid-19 pandemic followed soon thereafter. This affected the whole world and travel and public gatherings were restricted.
寺庙翻修完成后,Covid-19 大流行随之而来。 这影响了全世界,旅行和公共集会受到了限制。

However, to fulfill the longtime requests and the fervent wish of many local devotees of Vajrayana followers, Rinpoche has now decided to bestow both the Nyingma and Drikung Lineage Phowa teachings at the Amitabha Foundation Retreat Center, Kopan, Buddanilkantha Nagarpalika Ward-11, Kathmandu Nepal.
然而,为了满足许多当地金刚乘信徒的长期请求和热切愿望,仁波切现在决定在阿弥陀佛基金会闭关中心,Kopan, Buddanilkantha Nagarpalika Ward-11, Kathmandu Nepal 传授宁玛派和直贡派破瓦法门 .

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Please note that there are commitments to taking the Phowa course. These are usually 150,000 Long (100 Syllable) Vajrasattva mantras with visualisation, 100,000 Buddha Amitabha mantra with visualisation, plus obtaining a Buddha Amitabha statue or thangka as a support for one’s practice.
请注意,有参加破瓦课程的承诺。 一般是观想金刚萨埵十五万字、观想十万字阿弥陀佛,并以阿弥陀佛像或唐卡作为修行的依托。

If Rinpoche offers the Introduction to the True Nature of the Mind, this will probably be after not before the Phowa course. However this has not been confirmed.
如果仁波切教授“直指心性”,那很可能是在破瓦法门之后而不是之前。 这需要得到进一步的确认。

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