Ayang Rinpoche

We are happy to welcome His Eminence Chöje Ayang Rinpoche to San Jose, California again this year. The 10-day Phowa Course begins tonight with a public talk, “Short Introduction to Phowa (Transference of Consciousness at the Time of Death)”, 7 PM at the San Jose Scottish Rite Center, 2455 Masonic Drive, San Jose, CA 95125. This is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

The Phowa Course continues September 10, with the Amitabha Empowerment, 6 PM at the San Jose Masonic Center, 2500 Masonic Drive, San Jose, CA 95125. This is also open to the public.

The remainder of the Phowa Course will be held September 11-18 at the San Jose Masonic Center. Many of the events are open to the public, including: Nyingma and Drikung Oral Transmission Blessings, Vajrasattva meditation and teaching, Three Excellences teaching, Buddha Amitabha meditation and teaching, Milarepa tsok offering prayer ceremony, and the Buddha Amitabha tsok offering and Liberation for Dead Beings prayer ceremony.

Even if you aren’t able to attend any part of the Phowa Course, you may make a connection with the activities by making a donation or sending in names to be included in the Liberation for Dead Beings prayer ceremony (Neydren). You may make an offering on behalf of loved ones or pets, or any other beings, no matter how long ago they have passed. All names must be submitted by Friday, September 16 at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Donations for the Liberation Prayers will support our Safe Childbirth in Tibet project.

Liberation Prayers

Download the full Phowa Course schedule here.

There is no charge to attend the Phowa Course or any of the teachings, empowerment or prayer ceremonies.