Grace Wong wrote:

Dear all,

I have joined Yogi Lama Choekyi Wango to attend the Drubchen on 1st Apr for a short visit and had took some photos and videos.

We have discussed with Lama Tsewang Tharchen, brother of Ayang Rinpoche, about the fund-raising. This year seems to be in a rush and we cannot find sufficient sponsorships. He said he will give us a detailed breakdown of the cost incurred for the Drubchen so that in future we will have more time and information to find sponsors for the Drubchen. There are many many old laypeople from the local community to join the Drubchen. Lama Tsewang said the monastery also arranged car to go to different area to pick them up. Moreover, meals and tea will be offered to all attendants.

There are still lots of photos taken, but file size are large, I can’t upload all to you. If anyone need it for website/blog/other promotion material, please let me know and I will send by separate email.

best regards,