Monks brushing

Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in Bylakuppe, South India need a new medical professional to replace the current nurse, who is leaving the country.

The monastery prefers an experienced, retired male; but will consider an experienced retired/of retirement age female without family obligations. The minimum commitment is one year. A Protected Area Permit (PAP) is required, and the monastery will help with that. There is no fee, just form-filling and waiting. It takes 3-4 months for the PAP to be approved. There is a small, basic dispensary with desk, patient bed, and shelves and cupboard for medicine storage. There is running water but no electricity. A general job description includes:

  1. Available as needed by the monks and monastery; no fixed number of hours each day/week
  2. Works as a team member with teachers and with teaching and working monks
    1. Has leadership abilities (organizing meetings, motivating teaching and working monks, etc.)
    2. Takes direction well
    3. Gives and receives feedback easily
  3. Develops rapport with all 150 monks (especially teaching and working monks)
  4. Daily teaching and supervising of personal health and hygiene (hair washing, hand washing before meals, showers) for 100 school monks ages 5-19
  5. Multiple times daily dispensing/applying of medicines
  6. Quarterly (every three months) ordering and shopping for medicines
  7. Anything else the monastery requests Desirable traits that are beneficial (not necessarily in this order):
    1. Respectful of cultural differences (Indian, Tibetan, monastic)
    2. Compassionate and works from the heart
    3. Flexible
    4. Patient
    5. Sense of humour
    6. Perseverant
    7. Humble

In exchange for services, the monastery provides a room in the guesthouse and three meals/day plus afternoon tea. The personal and professional experiences are countless and invaluable. Interested persons should email their resume to Ani Samten. They are also welcome to email with questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do.