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Medical volunteer needed at Rinpoche’s monastery in India

Young Monks at Ayang Rinpoche’s Monastery in Bylakuppe
There is an immediate need for a nurse or someone with some medical experience to care for the daily health and hygiene needs of the monks at Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in South India. There are approximately 130 monks currently in residence, with an additional 30 young monks due to arrive soon. This a very special opportunity to give the gift of your time, energy and experience.
Entrance to Ayang Monastery, Bylakuppe
The volunteer will live in the monastery guest house and receive meals and tea in exchange for their services.
Desirable traits that are beneficial: compassionate, respectful of cultural differences, flexible, patient, perseverant, humble—and sense of humor.
The duties of the medical volunteer will include:
  • Teaching and supervising personal health and hygiene (hand washing before meals, hair
    • washing, showering, washing dress and bedsheets) for 100 monks ages 5-19;
    • Dispensing and applying medicines;
    • Ordering and shopping for medicines and dispensary supplies.
    The minimum commitment is 6 months. For more information, download a complete job description here. To apply, send your resume to Ani Samten at the monastery.

Long Life Ceremony (Tenshug) Underway

The Tenshug (Long Life) Ceremony for H. E. Chöje Ayang Rinpoche at Thupten Shedrub Jangchub Ling Monastery in Bylakuppe continues April 30 to May 3 2015.

Read more about the Tenshug ceremony.  For additional photos visit H.E. Choeje Ayang Rinpoche on Facebook. Offerings to support the ceremony are welcome.

Tenshug shrine

Long Life Shrine (photo by Ani Samten)

H.E. Togden Rinpoche Arrives for Tenshug in Bylakuppe

Togden Rinpoche in Bylakuppe

H.E. Togden Rinpoche, Dorje Lopon for Ayang Rinpoche’s Tenshug (photo by Ani Samten)

H.E. Ayang Rinpoche welcoming H.E. Togden Rinpoche to his monastery in Bylakuppe, India

H.E. Ayang Rinpoche Supervises the Preparations for the Tenshug

Effigy for Tenshug in Bylakuppe

Effigy of Ayang Rinpoche for his Tenshug (photo by Ani Samten)



Photos and a Video of 2010 Drubchen

Grace Wong wrote:

Dear all,

I have joined Yogi Lama Choekyi Wango to attend the Drubchen on 1st Apr for a short visit and had took some photos and videos.

We have discussed with Lama Tsewang Tharchen, brother of Ayang Rinpoche, about the fund-raising. This year seems to be in a rush and we cannot find sufficient sponsorships. He said he will give us a detailed breakdown of the cost incurred for the Drubchen so that in future we will have more time and information to find sponsors for the Drubchen. There are many many old laypeople from the local community to join the Drubchen. Lama Tsewang said the monastery also arranged car to go to different area to pick them up. Moreover, meals and tea will be offered to all attendants.

There are still lots of photos taken, but file size are large, I can’t upload all to you. If anyone need it for website/blog/other promotion material, please let me know and I will send by separate email.

best regards,

Bodhgaya project photos

Dear All,

Here are the latest photos from the Bodhgaya project taken this morning. Hope you like them.

Greetings and best wishes from Bodhgaya.


Bodhgaya Project photos July 2009

Ayang Rinpoche's Bodhgaya project - July 09 north side of Ayang Rinpoche's Bodhgaya project - July 09 Ayang Rinpoche's Bodhgaya project - July 09

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