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Dzambhala puja at Thupten Shedrub Jangchub Ling Monastery

Amitabha Temple Nepal Zambhala
Zambhala statue at Amitabha Foundation Retreat Center, Nepal
November 10 is the last day of the annual Zambhala Puja at Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in Bylakuppe. Zambhala is an emanation of Ratnasambhava, one of the five buddha families, whose enlightened activity is increasing and whose essence is generosity. Some people practice Zambhala to achieve spiritual prosperity, although this deity is also associated with wealth and prosperity in the material world. Zambhala practice is said to bring wealth, prosperity, success, good fortune and luck, long life and wisdom. He is depicted holding a mongoose spouting jewels.
Ayang Rinpoche has said that anyone sponsoring Dharma activities gains the same merit as the practitioners. The full cost of the puja for 280 monks, nuns, khenpos and lamas is $21,650. You will make a connection with Zambhala even if your donation is sent after the puja is complete. Here are some suggestions, but your donation of any amount will be appreciated and be like a drop of water mixed with an ocean of merit.

Butterlamps $21
Offerings for monks and nuns $50
Tsok $108
Tea and meals for participants $200

Donations may also made directly to the monastery:

Account Number 17082200011214
Account Name Drikung Charitable Society
Bank Name Syndicate Bank, Bylakuppe -571104 Branch
Bank Address Kagyudpa Monastic InstituteP.O.Bylakuppe 571104, Mysore District Karnataka State, India

Swift Codes for:

  • US dollars: SYNBIN BB 118 BKTRUS 33
  • UK Pound: SYNBIN BB 118 BARCCB 22
  • Euro: SYNBIN BB 118 DUTCH BANK-953492610
  • Swiss Franc: SYNBINN BB 118 UBSWCH2H 80A

Thank you, and Tashi Delek!

Rinpoche’s 2013-2014 teachings in Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Ayang Rinpoche will be giving teachings and empowerments in Sydney, Taipei and Hong Kong in November, December and January.


SYDNEY (amitabhafoundationau@gmail.com or +02 9487 7404)

Nov 15 – Public talk, “Introducing the True Nature of the Mind”

Nov 16 – Guru Drakpo empowerment

Nov 17 – Guru Drakpo teaching and practice

Nov 18 – Introduction to the True Nature of the Mind

Nov 19 – Short Vajrasattva teaching and Guru Drakpo tsok offering


TAIPEI (michelle243830@yahoo.com.tw, 886-920384368)

Dec 8           Vajrasattva empowerment

Dec 9 – 11    Vajrasattva teaching and practice

Dec 12         Vajrasattva tsog offering puja

Dec 13         Achi Chökyi Drolma empowerment

Dec 17         Phowa Practice


HONG KONG (info@amitabhafoundation.hk, 852-2882-1032)

Dec 20 – 30  Phowa course

Jan 1            Phowa Practice

Jan 3            Achi empowerment

Jan 4            Achi Teaching and short practice


Annual Summer Retreat and Vajrayogini Drupchen in Bylakuppe

Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in Bylakuppe is holding the annual Yarne retreat until the 5th September.  Yarne is the 6-week annual summer rains retreat, observed by most monasteries. It is primarily for getsuls and gelongs. There are vows at the beginning and the releasing of vows at the end.  Some of these vows include not leaving the monastery property (observed by all monks), AM and PM pujas daily, all meals taken in the temple, no meat or eggs, no food after 12 noon (except for health reasons), Sojong (confession) twice a month and mid-way through, and increased time for study and practice.

Beginning soon, they will also hold the annual Vajrayogini Drupchen. Your sponsorship is welcome.

Drupchen sponsor

Rinpoche teaching soon in North America

His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche will be arriving soon to teach in North America. We hope you will make every effort to attend one of the retreats in the US, Canada or Mexico. See below for a description of the teachings, and please contact the organizers for more details and to register.










Mexico City – July 24-August 2

10 Levels Buddha Amitabha and Introduction to True Nature of Mind
Contact: ayang@verdeclaro.net

Kittery, Maine – August 6-11

10 Levels Buddha Amitabha
Contact: maine@amitabhafoundation.us – 802-387-5254

Rochester, New York – August 15-19

Vajrasattva Retreat and Ceremony for the Liberation of Dead Beings
Contact: ny@amitabhafoundation.us – 585-261-7094

Toronto, Ontario – August 24-September 2

Phowa Course (English, Chinese and Vietnamese)
Contact: info@termafoundation.org – 416-225-9888

Edmonton, Alberta – September 6-11

Milarepa Empowerment and Introduction to True Nature of Mind
Contact: metaweave@shaw.ca – 780-221-2374

Vancouver, British Columbia – September 14-23

Phowa Course (English and Chinese)
Contact: amitabhafoundation.vancouver@gmail.com – 604-726-5106

Eugene, Oregon – September 27-October 6

Phowa Course
Contact: phowa@saraha.org – 541-359-3588

San Francisco Bay Area, California – October 10-14

Buddha Amitabha Empowerment and Teachings (English and Vietnamese, in San Jose) and Vajrayogini Empowerment (in Almaeda)
Contact: SF@amitabhafoundation.us – 408-389-4424 or 585-261-7094

Appreciation Letter from Ayang Rinpoche

(photo courtesy of Ken Chi)

A Letter from Rinpoche following the Opening and Consecration of Opak Kyilkhor Choeling and the Enthronement of H.E. Palchen Galo Rinpoche

I just returned after a wonderful retreat at the Holy Place of Achi Choekyi Dolma called Ati Tse in Ladakh and have dedicated my practice to all sentient beings and special prayers for your well being and for the success of your dharma practices.

I would like to send my appreciation and thanks to all who attended the recent opening of the Amitabha Foundation Retreat Centre in Nepal, and the enthronement of H.E. Palchen Galo Rinpoche.

Due to the last-minute approval of the visit by H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Chungtsang Rinpoche, and the fact that the project itself was not fully completed in time for the event except for the temple, which was our focus, everyone involved in this project had to accomplish many things very quickly at the last minute. With so much needing to be achieved so fast, we wish to express our apologies for any inconvenience that our guests experienced. We know that in some cases arrangements for your stay, including food and transportation, were not to the high standard that we had wished for.

Nevertheless, the ceremony itself proceeded in a very auspicious way, in an atmosphere of harmony and joy. I pray that now the temple and retreat centre will be a great blessing, produce great realized practitioners and be serving people from around the world.

Once again, I thank you all very much for your continued and unconditional support in helping to preserve the precious Buddha Dharma for many future generations to come. May the accumulation of merit from all our virtuous deeds benefit all sentient beings.

Yours in the Dharma,

His Eminence Choeje Ayang Rinpoche

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HE Choeje Ayang Rinpoche

Considered the world's living Phowa master – a lineage-holder of both the Nyingma and Drikung Phowa he continues the unbroken line of Drikung Phowa lamas from Buddha Vajradhara.

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