Opak Kyilkhor Chöling

Amitabha Mandala Retreat Center, Kathmandu Nepal

The magnificent Buddha Amitabha temple and retreat center built in Nepal by His Eminence Ayang Rinpoche and consecrated in May 2013.

The Amitabha Mandala Retreat Center in Nepal recently welcomed a new group of 45 monks. They are presently getting adjusted, with 4 or 5 together in small rooms. The Retreat Center does not have proper monks’ quarters, but parents who are desperate keep asking for their children to be taken in. Ten more boys are awaiting for admission, but the limited accommodations are all full for now.
Hospital staff came to do RT-PCR tests on the new monks to check for Coronavirus, at a charge of Rs 1200 (USD $10.00) for each monk. This was expensive, but more feasible than taking all of them to the hospital, which is also dangerous at the present time.

You can make a big difference by helping to support the medical costs of the monks under Rinpoche’s care in India and Nepal. Please click on these links to donate, or find more options here.


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