HE Choeje Ayang Rinpoche


Rinpoche to teach in Paris November 2-6 2010

Chers amis dans le Dharma,

Voici le programme et le bulletin d’inscription pour la venue de Rinpoche en Novembre.

A très bientôt j’espère.

Bonne réception.


Nov 1 Mon Arrive in Paris
Nov 2 Tue 9 am Preparation for Guru Dragpo Empowerment by Rinpoche only
2 pm Guru Dragpo Empowerment
Nov 3 Wed 9 am Preparation for Achi Empowerment by Rinpoche only
2 pm Achi Empowerment
Nov 4 Thu Interviews for True Nature of Mind Teachings
Nov 5 Fri Interviews for True Nature of Mind Teachings
Nov 6 Sat 9 am Introduction to True Nature of Mind Teachings
2 pm Introduction to the True Nature of the Mind Teachings
Nov 7 Sun Amitabha France and other meetings
Nov 7 Sun 9 pm Departure from Paris to Bangalore

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HE Choeje Ayang Rinpoche

Considered the world's living Phowa master – a lineage-holder of both the Nyingma and Drikung Phowa he continues the unbroken line of Drikung Phowa lamas from Buddha Vajradhara.

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