HE Choeje Ayang Rinpoche


2012 Teachings in Europe

October 1-14 Paris, France
Amitabha France
October 14-18 Aachen, Germany
Drikung Sherab Migched Ling
October 18-30 Eifel, Germany
Kamalashila Institute

Hong Kong Teachings in April

Rinpoche will be visiting the Amitabha Foundation center in Hong Kong April 18-28, 2012.

April 21 Public Talk, “PHOWA“: The Tibetan Buddhist Way of Fearless Living, Dying and Liberation

April 22 Amitabha Empowerment and Short Amitabha Meditation Teaching and Practice

For details, please contact:

Flat A, 13/F Waldorf Mansion No 2-6 Causeway Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong PRC
tel: 852-2882-1032
email: amitabha_hk@yahoo.com.hk
web: http://blog.yahoo.com/amitabhafoundationhk

2012 Teaching Schedule in US and Canada

Nov. 15-20, 2012  Rochester, NY – Three Phowa-Related Empowerments and Detailed Teachings on Buddha Amitabha Sadhana Information & Registration
Contact: NY@amitabhafoundation.us or 585-461-1986

Nov. 24-29, 2012  Vancouver, BC – Three Phowa-Related Empowerments and Detailed Teachings on Buddha Amitabha Sadhana
Contact: amitabhafoundation.vancouver@gmail.com

Dec. 2-11, 2012  Los Angeles/Orange County, CA – Phowa Course (English and Vietnamese) InformationDaily Schedule and Registration
Contact: maithylam@yahoo.com

Dec. 17-21, 2012  Houston, TX – 10 Levels Buddha Amitabha Meditation Teachings (English and Vietnamese) Houston Daily Schedule
Contact: anjopham@sbcglobal.net


Bodhgaya Phowa Course to begin January 14

Ayang Rinpoche’s annual Phowa Course begins January 14 and continues through January 23 in Bodhgaya, India.


Complete Daily Schedule

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HE Choeje Ayang Rinpoche

Considered the world's living Phowa master – a lineage-holder of both the Nyingma and Drikung Phowa he continues the unbroken line of Drikung Phowa lamas from Buddha Vajradhara.

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