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Safe Childbirth in Rural Tibet project meets goal!

12. Solar Panels
Konchog Gelek, Rima Clinic Administrator, inspects the new solar array

We made our goal of $25,000–and more– in only 4 weeks!

Due to the generosity of so many supporters our GlobalGiving Safe Childbirth in Rural Tibet project was fully funded in less than one month. We raised $26,151 in donations and received bonuses totaling $4,500 from GlobalGiving during the June Challenge.
We are so grateful to everyone for making it possible to pay our doctors’ and midwife’s salary for one year and to install electricity in our clinic in Tibet. The electricity will bring light and heat to the clinic, make it possible to freeze and store vaccines and other medicines safely, and to run the ultrasound and other medical equipment. The clinic serves 30-50 people per day, or nearly 15,000 patients annually.

Any additional donations can be made directly to Amitabha Foundation and will go towards further training for our new midwife, clean birthing kits (which cost approximately $50 each, and include soap and a towel for the birth attendant, clean plastic sheet for the mother to lie on, clean blade and string for cutting and tying the umbilical cord, towels to dry the newborn, hat and blanket for the baby, and a 9 month supply of prenatal vitamins.), and a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to replace the ambulance that has served the community since 2007. The vehicle and registration fees will cost approximately $20,000. Having a reliable source of transportation to hospital has already saved several mothers’ and infants’ lives in our community.

We sincerely thank the 250 people who donated and many others who spread our story through Facebook and their other social networks for helping us reach and surpass our $25,000 goal so quickly. Check out photos of the new solar electricity installation here. Because of GlobalGiving and YOU we will be able to pay the balance due for the installation, and get caught up with salaries for our clinic staff.

Accommodations near Boudhanath

Here are three guesthouses from whom we received prices and their contact numbers. Please book with them directly, or work with your own travel agent.


Pulahari Monastery / Ananda Sangh (around 7 km from Boudhanath Stupa by main road and less than 1 km by short cut road). It has a very peaceful and clean environment.

Single Bed room with attached bathroom.  US$ 20
Single Bed room with common bathroom. US$ 14

Double Bed room with attached bath room.  US$ 34
Double Bed room with common bathroom. US$ 24


All the rates are inclusive of vegetarian food. Booking open until fifteen days before inauguration  ceremony.

Contact address: +977(1)2073203
Email address: jklabrang@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.jamgonkongtrul.org
Attn: Tsewang la.


Lotus Guest House (Near Boudanath Stupa)
Single bed room with attached bathroom. NRs. 450 (US$ 6)

Single Bed room with common bathroom. NRs. 400 (US$ 5)

Double Bed room with attached bath room.  NRs. 850 (US$ 10)

Double Bed room with common bathroom. NRs. 700 (US$ 8)

Triple Bedroom with common bathroom. NRs. 900


All the rates are in Nepali rupees without food. Booking open until fifteen days before inauguration  ceremony.

Contact address: +977(1) 4915320, 4915132, Fax: +977(1) 4915219
Email address: lotusguesthouse@yahoo.com


Shechen Guest House in Boudha, Kathmandu.

They have a wonderful vegetarian restaurant attached to the guest house


To make reservations email:


Telephone +977-1-4479009
Fax no. +977-1-4470215

Mailing Address is:
Shechen Guest House,
GPO Box: 25783
Boudha, Mahankal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Wall paintings for Amitabha Foundation Retreat Center in Kathmandu

Dear All,

I am attaching here the cost estimate of the wall paintings of Amitabha Foundation Retreat Center in Kathmandu.

Thank you,


Earthquake Update

Becky Loy wrote:

Many of you have written to find out how you can help the survivors of the terrible earthquake which destroyed the city of Jyekundo (Yushu) in Eastern Tibet Tuesday morning. The epicenter of this earthquake was actually in Rima, the location of Ayang Monastery, as well as the new Amitabha Foundation-sponsored clinic and boarding school.

Her complete update with photos can be downloaded here.

Photos and a Video of 2010 Drubchen

Grace Wong wrote:

Dear all,

I have joined Yogi Lama Choekyi Wango to attend the Drubchen on 1st Apr for a short visit and had took some photos and videos.

We have discussed with Lama Tsewang Tharchen, brother of Ayang Rinpoche, about the fund-raising. This year seems to be in a rush and we cannot find sufficient sponsorships. He said he will give us a detailed breakdown of the cost incurred for the Drubchen so that in future we will have more time and information to find sponsors for the Drubchen. There are many many old laypeople from the local community to join the Drubchen. Lama Tsewang said the monastery also arranged car to go to different area to pick them up. Moreover, meals and tea will be offered to all attendants.

There are still lots of photos taken, but file size are large, I can’t upload all to you. If anyone need it for website/blog/other promotion material, please let me know and I will send by separate email.

best regards,

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